About Me

I’ve been a money nerd my whole life.

While my friends were playing barbies, I was creating a make believe bank complete with real deposit and withdrawal slips from my moms bank and an old cheque book from my neighbour.

When I was married, I used to believe you needed to coupon clip and pick up bottles to create wealth. Being extremely frugal, my mortgage was paid off by the time I was just 33 years old.

Fast forward 5 years, I’m now a single mom with a new mortgage and while I’m still highly motivated to pay this one off too, I’ve widened my focus to include a much broader approach to my personal finances.

Healing my relationship with money throughout adulthood has not been a linear journey. I have had the opportunity to experience debt (which led to robbing my daughter’s piggy bank), mortgage freedom, wealth building, division of assets due to divorce and now complete financial autonomy.

My passion for financial literacy is fueled by my desire to create an environment where learning about money is fun and approachable. The financial industry has overcomplicated everything and turned it into a black hole no one wants to venture. I’m here to shine the light on what matters most to me: eliminating financial stress by empowering families and individuals to take control of their finances.

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