Hello, I'm Jenn!

Professional Money Nerd

I empower people with financial stress to take control of their money by eliminating debt, saving on taxes, protecting their wealth and mastering their cash flow so they can rest easy about the future.


How I help

Eliminate Debt

When we are chained to old debts, our financial power is inhibited. Learn how to destroy your debt and create a debt-free life.


Rest easy about the future with peace of mind and financial security for the ones you love.

Master Your Cashflow

We either tell our money where to go or we wonder where it went. Learn how to boss your money around by creating a cash flow plan that works for your life.

Happy Clients

Jenn helped me understand what my insurance could do for me and my family. It was such an amazing conversation and I came away feeling heard, seen and understood.
- Lindy Rock

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